StreamX system provide customers with professional internet TV, Virtual Live and VOD solution based on the Flahs streaming media. With hight quality network encode and stream distribution technology, StreamX Media Server (XMS) become the core of stream cloud server.

The Application of XMS:

  • Stream live distribution by StreamX Encoder/Transcoder;
  • Provide most of security system suppliers with H.264/MPEG4 even M-JPEG encoder and camera. XMS   can process the camera date to standard live streaming to satisfy large scale live broadcasting applications.
  • Provide transfer live distribution to video conference system by directly connecting with other standard H.323 protocol audio and video.
  •  Support DRM according to operators' requirements.
  •  Provide the advanced and practical internet TV solution with Time Shift function. XMS server can provide DVD quality video broadcasting in 800kpbs.
  • Provide low bit-rate encoder with high quality stream and connect to XMS through RTMP and RTSP. XMS distribute the stream in RTMP, RTSP or HTTP, and also provide replay interface based on Flash as well as Audio/Video data interface.
  • Customers can also replay the RTMP live stream with Flash player or StreamX player in PC, or enven use iPad, iPhone, STB and Android mobile to play back XMS streram.

     It's very easy for operators to use XMS to setup a multimedia distribute system based on our professional cloud architecture.

The industrial solutions:

  1. E-Government Video Broadcasting Solution and Policy Promotional Platform
  2. Time Shift Internet TV Solution
  3. Hotel VOD System
  4. Distance Education and Telemedicine Solution
  5. Videl Monitor and Security System
  6. ......